Lærdalsøyri is the administrative centre of the municipality of Lærdal in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The village has a population of 1,120 (2013).

Handelsplass frå middelalderen

Lærdalsøyri is an old trading place with a history roots back to the Middle Ages. The town was also a central administration site and a junction between East and West. Therefore, Centrally located on Øyri is one of the most valuable urban areas we have left in Norway, Old Lærdalsøyri, which is a protected wooden house environment from the 17th and 19th century with just under 170 buildings, including Swiss style. Every summer, the Lærdalsmarket is organized here, an traditional open-air market half a thousand years old. The market has now been expanded to a harvest market and from 2014, a Christmas market.



City or village?

In 1838 it was proposed to make Lærdalsøyri a city, giving the town status as a seaport. In 1841 the plans were ready for a quadrature that went from Lærdalsfjorden, an arm of the Sognefjord, to around where Hauge church stands today. In 1842, the Government decided to give Lærdal city status, together with Haugesund and Namsos. All three places were rejected all in Odelsting, pending liberalization of trade law. Lærdal discussed new application in the 1850s. Haugesund and Namsos sought again and became cities.

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