Lærdalsørenring - Tindevegen

37 hairpin turns
180 km
1350 masl
1 ferry

Lærdalsøren Hotel presents Lærdalsørenring! A stunning 180km roadtrip bringing you through epic environments and through enormous mountains. The fantastic nature, steep mountains and the many hairpin turns are the fundamentals of this spectacular journey. This is a journey you won’t forget!

Lærdalsørenring route#1

From Lærdal to Årdal, Tindevegen, Turtagrø, Skjolden, Luster, Hafslo, Sogndal, Kaupanger and Lærdal. Take a look at the map showing the route below. Lunch at Skjolden Hotel, where a two course meal is served, price 350,- NOK per person. Also a quick visit at Bjarne Lerums Car collection in Kaupanger. 50,- NOK per person.


Don’t forget AfterDrive!

The fun continues after the drive at Småsnurren Bar where you can chat with fellow enthusiasts and brag about horsepower!

Video from previous events